Yuletide Letter

Oct. 8th, 2017 11:40 am
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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you for writing something for me in one of these fandoms! I'm excited about all of them and I am sure I will love whatever you choose to write. I generally don't have any preference towards ratings, but some of the prompts I've offered for inspiration do tend towards the more explicit. If that's not your thing, that's totally okay!  Exploring some of those ideas in a non-explicit or even gen way would be awesome too.  But I love these characters in every situation, so whatever speaks to you, I know I'll love.

General likes: Team (or bros) as family/found family, domesticity, feelings/relationship/kink communication and negotiation, gangbangs (especially as a way of showing affection or appreciation to one member of a group), banter, poly, soulbonds, happy/hopeful endings, subverted tropes, dudes in panties, puppy!play, power exchange (both subtle and more overt BDSM type stuff), baby acquisition.

General dislikes: infidelity, permanent break-ups, coffeeshop/high-school/pornstar AUs, unresolved angst.

Victoria Grizzlies RPF:
I LOVE ALL FOUR OF THESE PEOPLE SO MUCH! How great is Katie Hoaldridge? SO GREAT, right? And she and Jamie are so cute and happy together!  And Jamie and Jordie love each other SO!!! MUCH!!! And Jordie and Justin are best buddies (who have a ton of cute content on their Instagrams, and occasionally Jamie's)!

I would love any kind of domestic fic about KT, Jamie, and Jordie, as an OT3, or an OTV centered on Jamie. Including Justin in this as a partner for Jordie in some capacity is great, but he's also great just as their buddy Shoots (Maybe he PINES for Jordie and they get together separately from the OT3/V?)

If you felt like exploring some kink, I love the idea of Katie domming Jamie and Jordie--both of them working to make her happy, Katie putting them in collars, etc. You could explore this dynamic with Justin too, or have him be Jordie's partner observing, or maybe they're all interconnected and he and Katie dom the Benns. I'm into the idea of Jamie having relationships with all of them, where maybe they're not necessarily connected to each other. Jamie and Katie don't have to be in a romantic relationship; they could have a queer platonic thing going on or be best friends.

I love some of them taking care of another one, whether that's in a kink context or an emotional/physical one. For example, Jordie teaching Jamie to go down on Katie or doing it for him (since we all know what Jamie Benn doesn't do) or Jordie and Jamie teaming up to make Justin feel good.  KT bossing any/all the boys is good too.  It's hard to sell me on Jamie domming, unless it's as a service top for Jordie. I don't really ship Justin and Katie, but if they're friendly and sometimes bone, I'm into it.

If you're not into all the poly shipping, I'd also enjoy Jamie/KT that involved Jordie and Justin in a gen capacity; maybe they give Jamie relationship advice or are good friends with Katie. If you go for baby acquisition, Uncle Jordie and Uncle Shoots would be really adorable (you can knock up whomever with however much or little detail you prefer). Alternately, anything like the above ideas featuring Justin/Jordie with Katie and Jamie involved as more supporting characters is fine too. 

Feel free to include as many other Dallas Stars/Victoria, BC natives as you like, I love them all.  You can also throw Tyler Seguin in as part of the chosen family, as a friend that one or all of them fuck, or just Jamie's buddy if you're so inclined.

Brotherly Love:
This is my first commercial fandom. /o/ Of course it's about brothers! If you want to write Older Brother/Younger Brother, please go for it. Figuring out how handjobs or blowjobs work in the locker room after sportsball practice? Practicing kissing for picking up girls? Older brother having ANGST about inappropriate feelings for younger brother and worrying about hurting him (in my head they're around 15 and 18, going much younger or wider with the age gap gets a little uncomfortable for me).

If you're not into incest, that's okay too! You could tell me about their fraught conversations about younger brother coming out, older brother leaving for college/sports team, working through their teasing antagonistic brother feelings, maybe they're estranged for some reason and have to find their way back to knowing each other as adults. Basically, anything about brothers being complicated but loving each other the most in the world, even if they have to work at it, is my jam.

4th Man Out:
This is one where something set in high-school or earlier would be totally cool. Tell me about Adam and the boys as kids--how did they meet and become friends? Did anybody leave for college and come back?

Or I would love something that explored how Chris and Adam might get together. Whether it's just bros-being-bros and having some sex (maybe the other guys are interested in this? Maybe they give Adam a gangbang to show him how cool they are with him being gay? My credulity is willing to be stretch really far for id fulfillment here) or a "fix-it" of the movie where they explore Chris' bisexuality and actually get together somehow, I'd be totally into it. I love the banter and bros-as-family and general happiness of this movie, so anything that follows in that vein will be right up my alley.

Obviously, optional details are optional! Everything here is just me spitballing ideas and if none of it speaks to you, write something that does, and I know I'll love it.


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